Alpha waves

Brainwaves, influence, consciousness – opportunities for a happy and healthy life

Brainwaves influence our whole life!
Depending on what effect external and internal factors on us, these stimuli determine a large part of our lifestyle. This way of life we ​​can influence! Our brain responds to these stimuli permanently, so controls our body and vibrates in accordance with the dominant brainwave frequencies. Are you stressed or very active, then oscillates your brain with more beta waves (Beta state called) in the range of 30Hz to 14Hz. The Beta state is mainly used for active, strenuous people before, for example at work. Are you relaxed, then your brain oscillates with less beta waves and more alpha waves. The state of consciousness with prevailing Alpha waves called alpha state and corresponds to a relaxed state. Your body regulates itself after exertion usually by itself in a state of relaxation. For longer stress, overwork or little rest, your brain but takes longer or is only with difficulty in the Alpha state. Alpha waves are therefore important brainwaves because they can relax your head and body, reduce stress and can even protect prophylactic against stress. This lets you healthy and happy life.

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